• Fitz Gate introduced me to two top tier venture capital funds that co-invested with Fitz Gate in one week’s time. These guys are plugged in at the highest levels because they know alumni everywhere. It really is powerful stuff.
    — Dan Porter, Princeton alumnus and founder of Fitz Gate portfolio company Overtime Sports
  • I made room in the round for Fitz Gate Ventures because I loved the value proposition. Almost immediately, Fitz Gate’s “Friends of Fitz” added real value.
    — Michael Carvin, Princeton alumnus and CEO/Co-Founder of Fitz Gate portfolio company SmartAsset
  • We were thrilled to have Fitz Gate Ventures invest as our first and only institutional investor, and they were invaluable in helping us to raise our Series A from Sequoia, Canaan and Tribeca. We definitely would not be where we are today without Fitz Gate and their Friends of Fitz network.
    — Robert Schoelkopf, Princeton alumnus, head of the Yale Quantum Institute and co-founder of Fitz Gate portfolio company Quantum Circuits
  • Within two weeks of investing, Fitz Gate had me and our team in front of one of the largest customers in the world, all through the Princeton network. It was a real testament to their business model.
    — Daniel Powell, CEO of Fitz Gate portfolio company Optimal Dynamics which was founded by a Princeton Professor